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In 2002, Domeny Tool and Atlas Casters collaborated to develop the first and only casters from tempered stainless steel.  The tempered stainless steel construction is lighter in weight and superior in strength and corrosion resistance compared to the soft and heavy low carbon hot-rolled steel casters that make up the rest of the industry. An Atlas Caster is the superior choice for engineers around the world. 

Atlas Casters are high quality, extremely durable, attractive stainless steel leveling casters with a low profile, high load capacity, and excellent ergonomics.  In addition to those benefits mentioned, Atlas Casters are passive shock absorbing, providing improved equipment stability by absorbing 65% more shock than our competitors’ models.

By employing a unique combination of material and geometry, Atlas Casters has set a new standard for precision and quality in the caster industry. These casters are well suited for capital equipment in many industries with particular application in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and medical industries.

To learn more about these uniquely developed casters and their various applications, please visit our partner’s website: www.atlascasters.com

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