Department of Labor Approved Apprenticeship Program

Industrial Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship

Program Information

In the modern advanced manufacturing economy, most production workers, including those on the frontlines, need more than the basic skills that were required in previous decades. To meet demands for efficiency, quality and safety in a workforce where experienced employees are nearing retirement and new talent is hard to find, employers need to attract and train the skilled workers they need who will grow this critical sector of the U.S. economy.

The Industrial Manufacturing Technician (IMT) Apprenticeship meets these needs by helping employers plan for and meet the growing need for skilled, advanced manufacturing production workers. The IMT is a nationally recognized apprenticeship registered with the U.S. Department of Labor that trains front-line manufacturing production workers in skills manufacturers look for—in settings as diverse as plastics, food processing, foundries, welding, industrial maintenance and bio-medical production. Because of its unique, customizable features, the IMT provides companies with a diverse talent pool shaping each candidate into “Industrial Athletes” of the future.

Program Highlights


The IMT can be customized to meet the demands of specific industries and specific companies. It has already been successfully implemented in a wide range of organizations ranging from food processing, metalworking/welding/screen printing fabrication to bio-medical production. The IMT curriculum has effectively created structured learning paths for all types of employees within these companies. These positions range from shop floor equipment set up personal, Maintenance Technicians, Quality & Industrial Engineers to Supervision & Management roles within the company. Learning tasks may be changed throughout the program to meet ongoing company needs.


The IMT utilizes a competency-based assessment, which means apprentices can “test out” of portions included in the curriculum and can achieve advanced standing in the program based on previous experience and the current skills. This directly aligns with enhancing incumbent worker skills ensuring they don’t waste time training on topics they have already mastered.

World-Class Standards

The core of the curriculum is based off the Manufacturing Skills Standards Certification (MSSC). MSSC is a not-for-profit, Industry-led, training assessment and certification system focused on core skills and knowledge needed in todays advanced manufacturing world. Their main goal is certifying “Industrial athletes of the future” by focusing on 4 core parts to their curriculum (Safety, Quality, Production, Maintenance)

A Variety of Validated Credentials

The IMT provides apprentices with a variety of industry recognized certifications specific to their career path paired with the actual DoL apprenticeship certification. Examples are as follows:

  • Specific/Specialty certifications offered through local schools (CNC Operator/Programmer, Basic Machining, General or Specific Welding, Metallurgy, Quality, CAD/CAM courses …)
  • Specific industry leading certifications offered by Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center “IMEC” (5s, Lean 101, Daily Lean Management, Value Stream Mapping, Training Within the Industry, Project Management, Six Sigma….)
  • Specific technical courses that are vendor specific (HAAS, Lincoln welding, Fanuc, Sodick/Mitsubishi EDM, TJ Snow/Resistance welding)
  • MSSC online learning modules (Safety, Quality, Production, Maintenance)
  • Other Online training organizations (TMA, Tooling-U, OSHA, etc.)

Program Overview


260 hrs are dedicated to classroom/virtual based learning. (Industrial Math, Blueprint reading, OSHA 10, CPR, MSSC course, and company/industry-specific coursework.


2740 hrs are focused on “On The Job Learning Tasks” (OJT’s) which are structured based off the IMT recommended areas of focus. (Safety 100hr, Operate equip 1000hrs, Quality production 500hrs, Interpret tech info 200hrs, Measure and inspect 200hrs, Demonstrating knowledge of routine maint 100hrs, Demo knowledge of inventory and material process 100hr, Demo knowledge & trends 100hrs, Demo continuous improvement 100hrs, Set up equip 200 hrs, Custom/Company specific 138 hrs)

How It Works

how the aprenticeship program works

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