What We Do

From the drawing board…

At Domeny Tool & Stamping our first-rate customer service begins well before we receive a first purchase order.  Client collaboration starts as soon as we receive an RFQ, and our partnership lasts through the final production run, and beyond.

Domeny Tool offers concurrent engineering services to all of our partner clients. We are here to aid in navigating the challenges related to the design and manufacture of high-quality drawn metal stampings, complex fixturing, and precision machined components. We diligently work together with our customers to come up with the most practical solutions available.  Throughout the decision-making process, we assist our customers in choosing the most advantageous material to satisfy the end-use application, environmental requirements, and tight piece part specification.

Domeny Tool continually aims to be an invaluable resource to our customers. We provide elite service to each client while also maximizing efficiency throughout all phases of a project.  The customer’s bottom line is taken in to consideration in every thoughtful decision from design through production, and begins with our in-house cost-effective tool design, concentrating on tool efficiency, quality, and precision to satisfy our customers’ needs.

With over 60 years of cost saving results using this business model, it is no surprise that we have maintained partnerships with many of our customers spanning decades.

To reality…

Domeny Tool & Stamping has a versatile in-house tool and die building team made up of skilled journeymen, machinists and apprentices. Our tool room is supported by our engineers from design onset through finished product tooling.

Throughout the production process, Domeny Tool team members work seamlessly together emphasizing cooperation and communication while bridging workflow.  This collaborative “all hands on deck” approach is practical in building tooling that is extremely robust, reliable, accurate, and cost-effective for our customers.  Our precision dies are built to satisfy all customer-required piece part specifications and handle all customer-required production runs.

Domeny Tool conscientiously builds and services tooling for our partner customers ranging from single operations to large progressive dies. Since 1959, our toolmakers and design engineers have been specializing in drawing stainless steel and other metals like few others can.

We Make Metal MOVE!


Domeny Tool & Stamping provides ISO certified, metal stamping solutions for customers in a wide scope of industries, both nationally and internationally.  Customer satisfaction has been the pillar of our business model for over 60 years. We manufacture first-rate parts used in various industries including aerospace, appliance, automotive, construction and housing, electrical equipment, electronics, farm equipment, health care, medical, military, pharmaceutical, rail transport, semiconductor, solar, telecommunications, and more.

Domeny Tool has over 20 punch presses ranging from 38 to 250 tons to accommodate short, medium, or long run production for our customers.  Our production department is made up of highly trained, experienced, and diligent personnel who optimize efficiency in the manufacturing processes in order to provide high quality metal stamped parts for our customers with low PPM and tight tolerance requirements.

Whatever your stamping needs may be, you can depend on Domeny Tool & Stamping as your ISO certified supply chain partner.

Precision Machining

Whether it’s custom work, turnkey solutions, or high volume production, Domeny Tool delivers. We employ a diverse range of engineering expertise contributing to a unique collaborative experience between our team and customers focused on precision quality, short lead times, and on-time delivery.

Our manufacturing capabilities are powered by CNC turning and milling equipment offering 4th axis and automation features which reduce cost by removing secondary operations. This is backed by a highly motivated team with proven experience across industries such as military, custom racing, electronic, industrial, and medical to name a few.

Take advantage of our unique expertise and turn your CAD concepts into a CAM masterpiece! Email us at dfalk@domenytool.com.

Customer satisfaction has been the pillar of our business model for over 60 years.

  • Low PPM
  • High On Time Delivery
  • Low scrap out rate
  • High ratings from customers

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Whatever your stamping or precision machining needs may be, you can depend
on Domeny Tool & Stamping as your ISO certified supply chain partner.